About Hospital

  • Hospital has a fully equipped, well –planned and peaceful placed Hospital wing rendering noble services to the society. Witt department of different specialties like Kayachikitsa, Shalya tantra, shalakya tantra, Prasuti & streeroga, Kaumarabhritya and Atyayika (Casuality). 
  • Hospital has in patient department provided with separate male and female general wards, semi special and special for each specialty departments. 
  • Hospital has modern, sophisticated pachakarma theaters blended with traditional classical touch to treat the patients much better way.
  • Hospital has Shalya tantra department is full pledged with well equipped one major OT and one minor OT along with Ksharakarma, Agnikarma, Rakta Mokshana and Para surgical procedures are conducted.
  • The hospital has got its own, well advanced laboratory and X-ray facility with well experience technicians.
  • Hospital has 06 bedded I.C.U with ventilators, defibrillators and monitor with central section and oxygen.

Hospital has well equipped clinical laboratory conduction all regular investigation.