Department of Panchakarma

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s one of the ancient and important purification and detoxification treatments. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Panchakarma literally means “five therapies”, which suggests that it is a comprehensive system of knowledge and practices to purify the body of toxins and restore it to balance with the law of Mother Nature. The five therapeutic means of eliminating toxins from the body, which constitute the Panchakarma, are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana.

Panchakarma is the super speciality department of Ayurveda which deals with the treatment modalities like Vamana(therapeutically induced emesis), Virechana(therapeutically induced purgation), Basti( therapeutically induced enema – oil and decoction based), Nasya(therapeutic nasal drops), and Raktamokshana(therapeutic blood letting) and all types of Bahyasnehana( external oleation therapies), Swedana procedures( therapeutic sudation procedures) meant for deep and complete cleansing of the system to bring back equilibrium of deranged biohumors.