Department of Shalya Tantra

Shalya TantraShalya tantra is one of distinct of astang Ayurveda will teaches us surgical knowledge and procedure that are performed and used by thousands of years . modern plastic surgery speciality that has its origin from shalyatantra which documented in modern journals

Shalya Tantra ( General Surgery ) department has a separate and well equipped surgery department dealing patients on both outdoor and indoor basis specialized Ayurvedic and surgical management our department has various activities for surgical patients in these all the general surgical procedures are performed on regular basis along with that students are skilled in para surgical specialized Aurvedic procedure like Kshar-sutra in fistul and Ksharkarma Therapy Leech Therapy for all skin related disorders and nonhealiry Ulcer and Raktamokshan Therapy, ‘Agnikarma (Intenisonal Therapeutic heat burn with Red not metal rod ) for various type at pain (vatnikara) like sciatica spondillties and joint stiffiness Ayurvedic management of fracture and dislocation In all connective diseases like spondillties ,slipped dise ,Arthritis obesity hyperpention various metrological disorders has various conservative herbal treatment with selective panchkarma with yogopchar (yaga therapy )Also available.